Original ADSL


Our Original ADSL service offers unlimited broadband for a fixed monthly fee with no usage limits, no port blocking, no traffic throttling or shaping.


Original ADSL is available at a choice of 512kb/s, 1Mb or 2Mb download speeds with a fixed upload speed of 256Kb/s.  There is an option to have this based upon a MAX connection in which case the download speed is fixed with the upload speed being rate adaptive up to 448kb/s* for the same price.



Extreme  -  unlimited ADSL MAX


Like the Original ADSL service, Extreme offers unlimited broadband at a fixed monthly fee with no no usage limits and no port blocking.  This service is for people who use the internet on a very regular basis and want the fastest speed available to them with no usage restrictions.


Extreme ADSL provides download speeds up to 8Mb* and upload speeds of up to 448kb/s*.



Prices below include VAT:


Download speed Upload speed Monthly price
  • 512 Kb
  • 1 Mb
  • 2 Mb
  • up to 8 Mb
  • 256 Kb
  • 256 Kb
  • 256 Kb
  • up to 448 Kb
  • 26.44
  • 30.55
  • 34.99
  • 66.99


  • Minimum contract period only 1 month
  • Maximum upload speed is 448kbps
  • Static IP Address included as standard - blocks of 8 and 16 available


There is a 45.00 + VAT (52.88 inc VAT) charge for a new ADSL activation. As long as you have a Migration Authorisation Code (MAC) and you are not on a LLU based product, migration from another ADSL supplier is free.


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*ADSL MAX service speeds are dependent upon the quality of your line and conditions at your local exchange.  The maximum speed quoted is for the ATM layer and actual throughput has a maximum speed 13% lower.



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  • RedHat Linux
  • Apache server
  • 24/7 FTP access
  • 10 POP email accounts
  • 50 email addresses
  • Unlimited email aliases
  • CGI-bin/Perl
  • PHP-4
  • Formmail
  • Custom 404 error page


  • MySQL database
  • Web forwarding
  • Password protected directories
  • Email catchall forwarding
  • Email autoresponders
  • Log files
  • Webalizer statistics
  • Daily backup of your data
  • 99% up time guaranteed
  • Fast setup (within 24 hours)